Textdrive is falling apart

I bought a Textdrive VCII account earlier this year when my own servers were failing and I knew I needed a backup to fall back on if things went bad. Soon after my account was setup, I put a few new clients on my textdrive account and had them using pretty basic services. This was in early September, and things haven’t gotten any better.

It got to the point that I had to move these very basic level clients to a new hosting setup because Textdrive wasn’t even reliable for their email. We bought a PowerVPS machine in hold us over, but have been so happy with it that we probably won’t be moving for some time.

A simple google search for “textdrive sucks” will give you some background as to what is going on.

One thought on “Textdrive is falling apart

  1. Hi.
    I have a lot of experience working with hosting companies.
    Textdrive is the worst (and most disappointing hosting service I have ever worked with). Here is some of the gems:
    *. TxD once took my site down (i.e. redirected to a “site coming soon” page) when they THOUGHT my application was “MISBEHAVING”. it all turned out to be a mistake – which cost me 2 days of down time)
    *. with TxD the customer is always wrong. The customer should watch what he does and says or they just kick him off the servers. just like that.
    *. support is awful. tickets are not being answered, or answered very unprofessionaly.
    *. TxD guys are reportedly great techies, programmers and the like, but they know nothing of running a business, providing support and being curtious.
    *. Textdrive sucks. I since worked with a couple of their competitors, like site5.com, phphosting.com and learnt that things can be different.

    *. Jason (TxD main guy) called me a dick head.

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