DemoCamp Toronto

Democamp was very worthwhile last night. It took place at the offices of BubbleLabs, makers of Bubbleshare which is a super-easy take on image gallery creation and sharing. I was really glad to see their login-less system, which I think they have executed quite perfectly. Keep it up guys.

Sutha Kamal also demoed Ambiant Vector‘s mobile social networking tool. They have some neat ideas, and it will be interesting to see the execution in a consumer focused product.

I am looking forward to seeing more events like this come together, I suggested to David Crow that we even just have beer every few weeks for anyone who wants to come out. David and the rest of the guys who turned out seem like a great group.

I also got to meet Leila Boujnane of idee, inc., who make some of the coolest software I have seen in years. She was full of energy and truly passionate, she might even make it back to PEI for Zap Your PRAM.

One thought on “DemoCamp Toronto

  1. Jevon, it was great finally meeting you. Next time, we’ll have to spend more than a minute together. I’m thinking this summer, I’d like to have a WiFi-tenting-beer-geekout weekend.

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