Home for the Holidays

Wow, this has been a stressful trip home so far. It is the first christmas for Laurel and I as a married couple, and juggling families has been tough, on top of the usual major event each evening. We have done a pretty decent job so far, but the stress is unnecessary, so we (I, at least) are going non-commital for the rest of the week. Things will happen when they happen, not at any other time.

That said, a weird part of me can’t wait to get to Toronto again. It’s not Toronto itself, but the pace of life, and really, I want to get back to work. We have no decent internet connection at either family home, so I have been going out to do work on occasion, but it has been difficult. There will be more time this week, which will be nice.

In a cruel holiday twist, coming home to see family has meant that Laurel and I have had less time to be together. When we return to Toronto, we will have that time back. That is most odd, because her medical school schedule would normally be considered hectic.