Lessons about building web apps

There are some simple truths in the world.

  Be good to eachother.
  Do for others as you would like done for you.
  Be Honest.
  Love your family.

There are more, and they aren’t hard to figure out. Most of the time we can look around us and see others who live by the same rules that we do. We like the rules, because we believe in what they mean. They aren’t rules we follow, they are a way of living that brings great reward.

Sure enough, there is always some idiot who has no idea what the hell all these rules mean. We each have our own ways of dealing with this kind of behavior, we ignore it, or smother it, or rebuke it.

Much in the same way, when you see a company that is being funded by Angels or VCs, and you know for a fact that it is doomed to fail, it’s like all the rules of a normal person are being ignored.

How did Gather.com raise 9 Million Dollars? Who wrote those cheques before doing even a little bit of homework? Why would public radio listeners trust some heavily funded machine in Boston to build a community. People who listen to Public Radio love public radio, and they are too smart to let someone else hijack what they love.

I can think of a local company back in Atlantic Canada, they raised 5 million by selling a silly little dream that nobody by the VCs believed in. I had to sit in a meeting and listen to one of those VCs both complain about his current return, and also tell me about this cool 5 Million he put out to company X.

I bet if I asked him to explain what the company was doing, he couldn’t give me the real answer.