Hey Toronto, Let’s do MoneyCamp.

We will get people together, to talk and we might even sing songs, most of all though, we will throw around ideas and show off the startups.

The money guys will say “Hey, neat things are happening right here in my city!”

The startup guys will say “Tell me about the right way to finance some of these things”


I dropped David Crow an email about it yesterday. He says “When when when!”. I think some guys like Rick Segal might be interested too.

We might need more of a Hypercamp model, but let’s not worry about models yet.

7 thoughts on “MoneyCamp

  1. Rick’s JLA is not an early seed type of investment firm. You might be better inviting Brigthspark or better yet Angels. Although 5 minutes of watching Tony Davis yawn can really ruin a conference 😉

  2. I thought Rick himself is in fact doing early stage stuff.

    No matter what, Brighspark, et al will all be invited. Angels would be great too.

  3. I think that this is a great idea. My questions are just trying to make sure I understand it, so we’re talking about inviting investory types and doing demos of our stuff, and then just hanging out.

    Gotcha. It’s just a venture fair but where the tech/dev folks present their ideas and solutions. And the money guys go “ooooooo, is there a business model for this”.

  4. sounds interesting.

    the challange is quality control.

    but i think something like this could be great if its done “right” — whatever the heck “right” means. 😉

  5. That sounds like something we’d be really interested in. I agree with Albert about QC – maybe some kind of peer review panel to get to present? That way we keep control by the people for the people as it were.

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