I hate (the first part of) travelling

If there is one thing I hate it is the first part of any trip: Packing, Going to the airport, arriving at the airport, and going through security. After security I am as happy as can be, love to head to the Maple Leaf Lounge and do some work.

This uneasy feeling causes me to go to the airport at earlier and earlier times before a trip. I would think nothing of leaving for the airport 2 hours before a domestic flight. It gives me time to take it slow, and I can make up the time on the other side of security by working with no distractions.

Tomorrow morning, I have a 6:30 am flight out of Pearson, which means I will probably be up at 4:30am, out the door at 4:45, at Pearson, boarding card in hand, at 5:45.