Mesh is just over an hour underway and I have to confess, for someone who was pretty excited by all of this, it’s all feeling pretty status quo. Coming out of TorCamp, and Democamps before that, I guess my expectations may have been a little high, but so far this is the antithesis of 2.0.

A couple of weeks ago in Washington, we were staying at the Omni, and there was a propane conference going on, “propanedays”, lots of texan-types doing deals, I even had a round of expensive scotch bought for me when someone got a round for the bar on him (took the money out of his white cowboy hat — no joke). I dropped into that conference, and it was painful, and that is what I am feeling now.

I can’t imagine that this is a very fair review so far, it is only 11am, so let’s see how, and where, things go, and give credit where credit is due: things are well run and the room is full of interesting and thoughtful people, that’s a start worth saying thank you for.

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