It can't be anything else

I get pretty tired of a few discussions

  1. Pinko/Evangelist/whatever *aka cheap* marketing.
  2. The citizen journalism debate

Hearing media people, from media orgs, talk about what will work and what doesn’t work and how the future still needs editors, or doesn’t need editors and will have great journalists,…. journalists will stay,.. the newsroom can’t change……

If one thing has to change, it’s the newsroom.

I am a believer in this whole blogosphere thing. I’ve been here for a long time, but I think I am getting sick of the same old debates going on.

At Mesh, Jian Ghomeshi said he didn’t think that most of the big players were going to die. He’s right. Some will hurt, some arcane old pubs will certainly fight to the grave, but most will adapt.

There is one thing that has to change, and will change however, so we probably don’t have to dwell on the question anymore, we can just start asking how?

Individuals, who we now call consumers will have significant content and directional input into all media organizations within 5 years.

You just need to ask the smart people, because the smart people are doing it. The folks at Minnesota Public Radio are doing it now and it is working.

 Chris Lydon’s Radio Open Source is radio that is informed and directed by it’s listeners. Chris is a sort of pragmatic uncle who can tell great stories, and the stories can be anything. His stories are interviews.

It’s working, the direction of the future is not in question. The only question is who will come, and what will they bring?

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