Rogers, so cute

I called Rogers this morning to either suspend or cancel my highspeed Internet while Laurel and I go traveling and back home to PEI for most of the summer.

I have been more or less happy with Rogers. Happy with the service, a little put out by the 55$ bill I pay for it every month, so I have had thoughts of switch to the faster and cheaper 3web, which gets great reviews.

It made sense to me that it would probably be easiest to just suspend my Rogers service over the summer though and reactivate on our return. I knew I was paying 3$/month for a modem rental right now, so I figured that I would still have to pay that fee. To my surprise, the Rogers rep on the phone also had 2 other charges that I was going to have to pay. A 3.95$+tax/month fee for just existing (literally, it was for nothing. The girl said "it is for the fact that we are still putting signal on your line"… "but I am saving you sending out a technical to disconnect the line by agreeing to suspend and not just cancel") and the other was some $1.95+tax/month "service fee" of some sort.

I then decided "I will just cancel, there are cheaper providers I can go with in September" and I told her that I wasn’t really interested in paying some ridiculous fees that no other provider charges me (on PEI I have had my Aliant account suspended for 9 months now, not a peep from them). She, I think, could see the reason in this and hmm’d and haw’d. Her first response was "It wouldn’t really be fair that everyone else has to pay this fee but you don’t"… I just kind of stayed silent, and she finally agreed to remove it.

Now, it is only something like 18$ of fees over the 3 months. Not much. I probably lose more than that in lost change in my couch, but I really needed a good reason not to dump Rogers and make the switch to another provider, and they were giving me no reason and no respect.

Before we hang up she also lets me know that because I have considered moving my service, Rogers will match the 3web price in September for me (29.99$/month vs 47$/month with Rogers — and 3web is TWICE as fast).

So, they have been overcharging me for a year on a service that the competition charges far less for. Sounds like a real sense of entitlement to me.

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4 thoughts on “Rogers, so cute

  1. You’re lucky. I once thought about switching to Bell because it was 3-6 months free with my new Dell. I checked the checkbox on the order form and a few days later the box arrived. I didn’t even have the new Dell yet. I was busy and a week went by without me opening the box. My wife then told me we’re getting automated phone calls saying that if I don’t setup Sympatico ASAP that they will begin billing me. My wife tried calling the number they gave for support and sat on the phone in queue for an hour before giving up. After numerous attempts to call them, I finally got thru and told them where to shove there package.

  2. yup, this is value of brand.

    Remember the variable cost is close to zero anyway (it’s all fixedcost infrastructure). Rogers can charge that much more than 3Web just because they can. You weren’t getting nothing for that extra premium over 3web you were getting a whole lot of extra marketing thrown at you for your dollar.

    the irony is of course that, even if you went with them, 3Web subcontracts the “provisioning” of your cablemodem service to, you guessed it, Rogers. There’s really no escape.

    You’re watching Rogers price negotiate against themselves.

  3. I just wanted to add my voice about 3web services , I honestly want to let you know the worst ever customer service you can get is from 3web. why b/c they almost never answear
    the calls anyway, you have to at least be on hold for an hour half once their line is
    open. Surprisingly most time when you there is message they can not accept calls try for
    days and week later the same thing. So good luck if you ever need support or have any
    other issues like to get hold of someone. Also they have unethical practice of charging
    you once you cancell your DSL service once you thing you have done the cancellation
    you get charged for the Dial up service which comes free with it and they say you should
    have cancelled the Dial up servie too so watch out if you ever get DSL service with them
    once you cancel your DSL make sure you also cancel Dial up the free money grab practice of 3web.

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