I call bullshit

I call bullshit.

If the telcos want to own this whole thing, they can watch it crumble in front of them.

How do these idiots think that a captive net is going to work? Compuserve, AOL and a hundred others tried it on a massive scale for almost a decade. Consumers wanted something else, and Compuserve got killed in the process, AOL ended up making a lot more money than when they had to produce all the information themselves.

Now, you want to go back to the compuserve model? Tell me, Bell, AT&T, Verizon,… Who is going to produce your content?

If you dimwits took 5 minutes to look at the top traffic attracting sites on the internet your would notice that with a few exceptions, they are all capitalizing on user generated content, not your corporate shill.