What a day to leave

What a day to leave Toronto. We started off the day with a transit system strike that was unannounced and unexpected, and we quickly got our heat and humidity warnings for the day.

Then the smog alert came. For most of the day the air quality was at "good" or "moderate" and by late afternoon had gone to "poor" and people with any sort of breathing problems were being told to stay indoors.

What do you do on a day like that? We did the only thing we could, got on a plane and flew east. PEI is literally heaven in comparison right now.

We are at Laurel’s family home in Charlottetown today and we head further east to the cottage tomorrow for a few nights before she goes to Cambodia for 6 weeks.

When we walked out of the airport we took a deeeep breath. The air was sweet and salty, crisp. Our family laughed at us, thinking we were joking. But after a year in a highrise, we are ready for this. We were serious about taking that deep breath.

So thank you Toronto for a great year. You were great for my work, and Laurel is glad to be getting the best education she can in this country.

Thank you Charlottetown, you don’t have all the sushi joints and hangouts, but we ate at Aing’s Teahouse today, and will be at Formosa tomorrow, and we still haven’t found anything as good or friendly in Toronto restaurants.

Thank you PEI. You are nothing close to boring. You put me at ease and keep our families safe and in good health.

We will be back in Toronto in September. We have only discovered a fraction of the city. We still have Koreatown to visit, and the beaches, and we’ve only scratched the surface of Little Italy and Little India. We will find that Spanish hamlet, and there is that Brazilian restaurant with the belly dancers and all you can eat barbeque that I want to try.

And there is the great new tech scene in Toronto. Thanks to everyone working on DemoCamp, Torcamp and everything else. Toronto is turning into great place to run a technology business.

It’s not hard to tell why someone like Rob left Toronto so many years ago, but it’s not hard to see why people go there to find opportunity either.

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One thought on “What a day to leave

  1. Toronto wouldn’t be the same without you there. Toronto has a lot of great things, most of which are the people. You and Laurel have a place here anytime (school or not).

    That said, I think it is time for me to visit Charlottetown. A summer vacation, I guess that is allowed post heart attack. Any recommendations on places to stay?

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