This message has been sent from my blackberry…..

Rob found a gem from Kathy Sierra "All around us we hear the clarion call for more Innovation. All around us, we hear the need to take more risk. All around us we hear the need to navigate through the uncertainty of our chaotic present.

But what I see in response most often is a state of "Busyness" that leads to paralysis."

It reminded me of the signature that most blackberry users have. "This message was posted from my blackberry wireless device", which generally translates into "I don’t give enough of a shit about you to take the time to actually sit down and read this message carefully, and respond thoughtfully"

I hate having to boil email messages down into Blackberry-Consumable form, but I do when I know someone will read it on their BB. I have actually begun to just write emails in bullet points.

Dear S,

  • I am in town on tues
  • can’t meet ’till thurs
  • please rspd

One thought on “This message has been sent from my blackberry…..

  1. sorry to ask this simple question but ,what is the blackberry mean??
    is it a mobile phone??
    I am from Cnina.

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