Do not use

I’m not sure what to say. has been negligent in renewing my domain names, they have diguised their process and lied on several occasions about the time needed to complete their process.

As a result, I have lost one domain into redemption, one domain has expired and I am working with ICANN to fix it and another domain I just managed to save in time.

I am posting this for anyone who might google the issue.

Also check out RegisterFlies

2 thoughts on “Do not use

  1. Help! My domain registration with them has expired and they will not let me renew because they are having ‘techincal difficulties’ !
    My domain expired on the 17th – no notifications from them (I know, I should have paid attention) but I’m afriad I’m going to loose my domain name I’ve had for 10 years. What is ICANN? Is there anything I can do??!!


  2. Oh no Judy,. not good.

    Try going to and call them. They are helpful and will try their best to fix it.

    Just remember: Enom will try to help you, but it is not their problem, so be as nice as possible to them!

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