Scotiabank Podcast

Well, it has happened, one of the banks has started to podcast.

Of course, there is no place for people to respond or leave feedback, so they have shut out 50% of the usefulness of podcasting.

I worked on a blogging project for a VP at one of the major banks a few years ago, and when the rubber was about to hit the road, one of the guys from the banks “direct to consumer marketing” division got on the phone and explained that in no place should the bank allow customers to interact, respond to or provide any sort of feedback at all on the content. We balked, because the idea of a blog then became useless for our purposes.

What could change in a few years? At some banks, nothing. At others, the light will start to shine in. The idea that there is a whole world of retail customers out there who want something useful and are willing to tell you what that is, and then pay you even more for it must be shocking for these mass media buying marketing types. I say: let your EVP of retail do his own damn marketing.

Scotiabank – The Money Clip Podcast

One thought on “Scotiabank Podcast

  1. Actually, there is an toll-free number to call (866-652-5333)and an email address ( those who want to ask questions, make suggestions or provide feedback.We are very interested in hearing back from listeners.

    If what you mean by “no place for people to respond or leave feedback” relates specifiaclly to a comments section, no we did not incorporate that one specific element.

    Thanks for you mention.

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