Revenue Canada at it again!

I just got off the phone with Revenue Canada. It seems my bank didn’t pass along a few recent GST filings.

This could have all been a big deal. Revenue Canada could have put the blame on me right away and could have been cruel. Instead, they called, left a message with a number for me to call. When I did call them, a real human picked up the phone, looked up my account and we walked through it together. I was actually quite sure I had made some sort of mistake (paid to wrong account or something) and felt a little anxious, but they dug in, looked up old records, etc and concluded that we need to to call the bank., so they called the bank with me and we got most of the issue worked out.

The truth is that the whole thing took them about 15 minutes. Had they gone the other way, put the blame squarly on me and made me try to figure it out and fix it on my own, I would have, in the end, used up far more than 15 minutes of their time. I can only imagine how many times I would have to call in for bits of information, each call probably taking 10 minutes of their time.

This is the third great experience I have had with them. My first experience being one, 5 years ago now, where I made endless amounts of mistakes. They spent a lot of time with me on the phone and were fantastic.

Thanks Revenue Canada! (who gets to say that about their tax man?)

4 thoughts on “Revenue Canada at it again!

  1. I received another letter from Revenue Canada yesterday…another audit. Almost every year, they comb over our returns, arguing with credits, amounts,(Our accountant seems to think some how we flag the system). In the past five years Revenue Canada has nickel and dimed us to the point where we began to fall behind in household payments and started using credit cards to feed our children and keep our utilities on. Unfortunately we had to remortgage our home (9 yrs paid off) which was sickening, and my marriage is on it’s last leg. So, thanks revenue canada….I hate you.

  2. Over 65 and on a pension. Sole source of income Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan ???

    Don’t run afoul of Revenue Canada. Watch out for reassessments of a year when you were still working !!

    Thought your government pensions were safe? Think again! Revenue Canada can seize your OAS and CPP to pay taxes owing regardless of year of reason.

    So after a lifetime of working and paying taxes, don’t think your “golden years” are immune from attack from Revenue Canada.

    Never has one organization caused so much misery to so many people.

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