We came, we demoed… did we?

So, we demoed a few things tonight, but made a bit of a mistake,. we sort of mis-judged the crowd a little bit. A should-have-known-better moment mostly.

The idea was to get up there and instead of just running through our software for the whole time (there were lots of things to show off, REST support, social network analysis, implicit rankings and participation rewards, our jabber-compatible buddy list/messenger implementation, and a few others), we would talk about how we made a whole lot of mistakes with our first version and that we learned from them, and were making a much better new version — and that there were good reasons to do that. Hey, I still think it is a worthwhile lesson to share.
The balance of it was that most people weren’t really all that impressed with the simple piece of software we put in front of them.

I can understand where those people were coming from, democamp is for technical demos, not as much the hybrid tried.

So, sign up on firestoker.com for the beta., when you get an invite you will get to see all the cool shit we have in store, and we’ll be glad to have you.

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  1. Add dates to your blog, too! I get so confused trying to figure out how late I am when I check updates.

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