Keep it simple stupider

This might just be the perfect cellphone for me. Intentionally simple and throwaway cheap.

I have been watching my cellphone habits for the last year with some amount of seriousness and I have to say, surprising as it may be, I only use my cellphone to call people, and occasionally I store phone numbers in the phone book (brain-memory is much easier to input into I have found)

In the past year I have made some pretty dramatic changes in my cellphone habit. Laurel and I got sick of paying upwards of 60-70$ a month for her, and into the 180-250$ range for me (and I can imagine what some of you pay each month…)

When I was travelling in the US for the better part of last year, my Telus phone was super cheap (10c/minute, with roaming) but my Rogers phone would cost a fortune for a 5 minute call.

In the end I picked up a cheap Pay as You Go SIM card at pharmacy and used that.

So, I have switched to a 5$/month plan. That is 5$ per month for 40 minutes and 20c/minute overage, and a $6.95 “system access fee” (don’t even get me started).

Laurel has gone with Fido Pay as You go.

On balance, I spend about 20$ per month (with overages) and she spends less than 10$ on cellphone usage. We TXT with eachother for the most part and for business, well, I hate doing business on a cellphone anyway. It is generally not fair to a client or coworker as I can’t give them my full attention. So I usually do my calling from my new VOIP setup. The total cost of my VOIP setup is about 5$/month total, and that covers my worldwide calling needs.

So, if I have managed to learn one thing in the last year… it’s been that it is possible to stop paying the university tuition of a Rogers/Telus/Bell executive and you can take back a couple thousand dollars a year that is yours, not theirs.

Stop wasting your money, analyze your cellphone usage patterns and get a plan that fits you better. You should even think about making changes to your habits. As a “small business owner” (whatever that means), I had one of the most lucrative usage patterns in the country (traveling to roaming zones and making a lot of long distance calls) and I was able to change my habits with no interference into my day to day business.