12 Elements of Great Managing, and useful software.

Via Brand Autopsy and Rob today I came across The 12 Elements of Great Managing.

Normally, I hate these books. I certainly don’t claim to have more, or better, knowledge of Managing. If there is one thing I am no good at, it is being a manager. There are a few reasons for that, we can get into it later.

The question Rob asked though was, if you take these 12 traits of great managers, can Firestoker help managers be better at their job, and work towards these 12 traits.

The truth is, these are 12 items that we have held out as our goals for all users of Firestoker. We have called it “deep engagement” at times, and it is becoming one of the most crucial elements of a great manager and a great executive.

If you are buying a new toolkit to help you run your business better, how is that software helping you become better at what you do. How is it helping you be a better manager, coworker, or executive?

Here are the 12 Elements of Great Managing. I will try to provide some case studies for selected elements in this list in the next few weeks.

  1. Great managers are able to effectively define and communicate what is expected of his/her direct reports.
  2. Great managers provide their direct reports with the tools and resources they need to get the job done in expert fashion.
  3. Great managers provide opportunities for their direct reports to succeed by either matching the right person with the right position and/or by shaping a job description to better match the natural talents of an employee.
  4. Great managers consistently give their direct reports prompt feedback and positive recognition.
  5. Great managers take a personal interest in the employees they manage.
  6. Great managers actively encourage the development of their direct reports.
  7. Great managers are receptive to hearing ideas and opinions from their direct reports.
  8. Great managers are able to connect their direct reports to the mission of the company resulting in employees feeling their job is important.
  9. Great managers inspire commitment to doing quality work with their direct reports and they have the backbone to cut their losses once an employee is identified as being a slacker.
  10. Great managers understand the importance of and encourage the practice of their direct reports developing best friend relationships at work.
  11. Great managers proactively arrange and discuss performance evaluations with their direct reports.
  12. Great managers provide their direct reports with opportunities to learn and grow.

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