Kicking and Screaming

So, the real news today isn’t Le Web, or that Bush is dropping even more hints that Iraq is going to be left to murder and rob itself (now that it’s been done once over for them), the real news for me is seeing Jeff Jarvis get attacked, along with Dave Winer. Who jumped on them? Michael Arrington.

A long time ago, when blogging seemed like it might actually be something, when most people “didn’t get it” or saw teenage diaries, people like Jeff and Dave were out there blogging like mad men. They worked their asses off for this world and are the giants who’s shoulders the rest of us stand on each day. The Jeff’s and Dave’s of the world were always up front about any conflicts on interest, and that transparency has become part of the fabric of their writing.

It seems like Mike has missed all that, he only sees the business of blogging and not it’s more personal side.