Just a google away

I came across this website today, “PETAkillsanimals”. The premise sounded interesting. I am not against PETA, I am a huge animal lover myself, but I am also not the kind of person who likes anything extreme. PETA routinly seems unbalanced to me, even if I am reasonably in line with their goals of eliminating animal cruelty.

So I browsed around the site, this picture just seemed weird and photoshopped, and the information was lacking of any depth whatsoever. Not a single page on petakillsanimals.com has a complete thought, or a referenced source.

So, within 30 seconds of googling and a WHOIS record check, I was able to get the sourcewatch entry on their parent organization as well the website for the Center for Consumer Freedom. Once you get there and visit the “about us” page you see

“The Center for Consumer Freedom is a nonprofit coalition of restaurants, food companies, and consumers working together to promote personal responsibility and protect consumer choices.”

Now, being a “consumer” in the sense that, I consume, I will be the first one to tell you that if I need my rights and “choices”, as a consumer, protected, I can most likely do that myself, by changing my purchasing decision (it’s true, I don’t buy meat from the supermarket, I buy it from farmers at the local market, same for my veggies, which are organic and purchased through a non-profit in Toronto that distributed them to people like me every week), or if I really need my rights and choices defended, I can talk to a local politician who represents me.

So, where is the real power left? With me, with us. Industry shill can no longer hide behind anonymity, and groups like PETA are also becoming more accountable. We have access to reasonable (but never fully) accurate content that helps us dive deeper into these corporations and radical groups. In the end, it is whoever is telling the truth that will win.

Websites like PetaKillsAnimals are the worst form of SPAM. Built by the same groups who wrangle politicians on capital hill in the United States and to some degree here in Canada as well (we have a Lobbyist Registry here, which lets us at least get some idea of who in attempting to influence whom).