Home for the Holidays

165287950_4a1551bbdf_m.jpgLaurel and I leave tomorrow for home. This year we are taking the train. We decided to take the train for two reasons: driving a car is no fun if mother nature decides that 30inches of snow are in order (which probably won’t happen it seems, this year) and because we could only travel so close to Christmas, one airline was booked solid 2 months out, and the other wanted 700$ a seat, one way.

We opted for a sleeper coach, with 2 “double” beds and a bathroom with shower. The cat is coming along for the trip, so he will get to hang out on a shelf in the baggage car with all the other animals.

We haven’t made any plans yet for when we get home, we will most likely do as much relaxing in between holiday parties as we can.

And, in no particular order: Formosa, Monsoon, Gahn House and Cedars Eatery will be visited.

Posting will be light over the holidays, but I doubt you’ll miss it too much!

7 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. Peter: I have just read some Dave Pollard to that effect. It also seems like the alltogether “more civilised” way to travel. 3-Course meal, here I come!

    John: I hate to say it, but I do not know a single local who has ever eaten there. To illustrate some “it’s a small island” for you however, I can say that I took several university courses with the owner’s daughter. She was nice, so I am sure they run a nice place.

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