A Latticework of Lazy Hearts

From a recent email with a friend:

The beauty of the decentralization is that as structures break down, we get closer to the dirty floor. Until now, we have all be holding eachother up. A latticework of lazy hearts and minds, all keeping our noses out of the proverbial shit that is in the cracks and crevasses of our communities.

It’s not just inside churches, most organizations survive by building a bubble of reality around them. Part of the pain of that today is that the stock market is built with this exact model in mind. Essentially the “market” is an alternative reality in which a corporation can immerse itself. The qualification of entering the market (getting listed on an exchange) is that you have sufficiently twisted your own reality to the point that you have enough capital and assets of your own that you can survive outside market conditions.

Contentious? yes. True? yes.