Welcome Will, please make yourself at home.

Will Pate appears to have come to a decision (and if he hasn’t yet, this is meant to solidify it) and he will soon be settling permanently in Toronto.

Will and I grew up going to the same schools for the most part, and we we grew about about a 6 minute walk from eachother. We most likely kissed a few of the same girls in that time, and probably caused trouble in the same parts of town, but we were never friends of the “come over and play nintendo” sort.

Will was truly one of the first blogs that I read, “Astroblog” as it was then, with Astroboy and all in his header. We continued to cross paths, and I regularly dialed up to his BBS and we ran into eachother playing the occasional game of L.O.R.D.S and on Glastonbury Tor and Halcyon House BBS.

I can’t say I got to know Will any better through highschool. I think we both kindof went in different directions. Will appeared to gain a high level of coolness, and I had my head stuck in getting Whiteland’s Studios off the ground. I do remember breaking up with a girl who I think quickly hooked up with Will (am I way off here or am I close Will?). It was a small town, as they say.

A few years later, Will and I would run into eachother at UPEI where we both certainly had other things on our mind. This was confirmed when Will posted his course marks on willpate.org for the world to see. He did terribly! That got my attention, because I was in the same “why am I here” phase. I got the sense that Will needed to get out there and create something great, and I was rather happy to get back to making money and starting companies.

Then, I’m not sure when, it might have been late 2002 or early 2003, but Will called a Charlottetown Bloggers Tea Meetup. And we did meetup. Lots of connections were made there. I met my consulting business partner Rob and Will met Jarrod, who he started his second web-business with (GoodBasic). Before that, Will ran Pate Web Consulting.

So, if I had to place a bet, I think that is where will started to realize that he had a bit of that social glue capability in the work world.

So, here we are, almost 4 years later. In the meantime, Will went off and started his own awsome web dev company, went off to work for a trendy startup and probably really got used to making money and flying around the continent, and now he is back here, in Toronto, close to his family, and I have one of those “damn good feelings”, as we say, about the whole thing.

Will is already hitting it off in the Toronto scene, and I am looking forward to seeing what comes of it. He has that constant connective energy that I do not and I think that we need someone to pull up a chair beside Dave to help drive the community in a way that noone has done in the last year.

So, Will, if you aren’t set on a decision yet, I am asking you to please settle down in our little city, enjoy day trips to the ROM, AGO and escapes to The Beach. Lazy saturdays are best spent on trips to the market, or exploring Little India, Chinatown or the ethnic enclave of your choice.

Will still hasen’t (as of our last conversation) found a job in Toronto, but I have no doubt that one will come up pretty quickly. If I had the money, I would be hiring him right now.

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