This past Thursday Mark Kuzniki and I held a slightly ridiculous experiment: ScotchCamp.

I don’t know a lot about Scotch. I really enjoy most Glenmorangie scotches, and usually have a bottle on hand at home, but my knowledge ends there. We had no intention of any specific learning going on, we really just wanted an excuse to get some interesting people together over a lubricating drink or two, or three, or four.

I have to say that ScotchCamp was an incredible sucess. Well over a dozen people showed up. Some drank scotch, some did not, but everyone really had a chance to spend some time talking to people they hadn’t met. I have seen Rohan at least 12 times in the last year, but I never had a chance to find out more about his work and what sort of work he is aspiring to do. It was great to spend some time in a relaxed non-tech-charged atmosphere just hanging out.

Alan Hietala, Slava Sakhnenko, and Jonas Brandon were all guys I had never met before but had a chance to get to know better than I know most in the Toronto Torcamp community. Patrick Dinnen and I talked a lot about what sort of changes we’d like to see in the world of work, and Michele, Kelley and Catharine from the Beal Institute brought some of the most passionate Scotch opinions to ScotchCamp and as usual, seemed to keep the conversation at an engaging level. Peter Mosley provided a fantastic background joie de vivre.

For the next ScotchCamp we may actually do some sort of tasting, if we can find the right venue.

If you can’t get enough camping, I hope you signed up for TransitCamp this Sunday, and DemoCamp takes place on Monday, and is going to be well attended.

One thought on “ScotchCamp

  1. Absolutely, Jevon! I appreciated our first real chat. I also chatted at length with Will Pate for the first time, and others. Martin Cleaver and I barely spoke to each other, which was very unusual and yet had a good reason: we were both busy talking with people we haven’t in the past.

    I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the event as an “incredible success”. Thanks, and congratulations.

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