Public Radio: NPR: Finally doing something. But what?

A new show is being developed, and the reader community is being asked What’s in a Name.

The folks at NPR are doing a fantastic job with the Rough Cuts blog and opening themselves up to change.

They have given up a process to the public.

What about giving up your entire strategy to your listeners?

“We want to find a way to influence and inform young americans, can you help us figure out how we can do that?”

What if the answer you got back was that a radio show was a bad idea? Then the comfort zone about this whole idea might close in a little.

I can see your argument, there is an R in NPR for a reason, and we still call it “Public Radio”. I understand that there are thousands of people in the system who’s entire job is to create Radio,. and online companion material for Radio.

But what about the top? What about the executive work, the introspection, the questioning, the idea that Radio too shall pass. Strategy, Seeing the Future, asking different questions.

There is no long-term leadership in the public radio system. There are Workers, Influencers and Gurus. Who are the leaders? Who can galvanize the entire world of public radio and lead it into the future?

Nobody. Not a single person.

I’m not saying it is impossible, it’s just reality: that person simply does not exist.

untitled.pngThis is the opportunity, not the death knell (as it would be in most organizations). The hero here will not be a CEO, or an ED, it will be 10, then 100, then 1000 and then millions of americans who want to do good in their country, and then in the world. They do not need leadership, they need to be allowed to get on with it and to see that the walls are coming down.

Give up yourself, stop being busy. Take a risk for once and just get on with it.

Remember that first kiss when you were a kid. All you had to do was lean in and close your eyes. It was hard as hell, but sure enough, it was the beginning of a new way of thinking.

Just lean in and close your eyes.