Canada's Blogging Conference

There are still 50 spaces available for Canada’s Blogging Conference, If you are in Canada, or would like to visit, and want to get a taste of what all this “2.0” stuff is about and what it means for Canada, then this is pretty much the only conference you can go to, you have to go to it.

Northern Voice changes every year and is usually ahead of other conferences in terms of thinking and content.

So, rather than waste your 400$ on conferences that tell you what was new 6 month or a year ago, go to Northern Voice and hear about really cool stuff from some of the coolest people in our great cold north.

We here in Toronto really are catching up quickly, but Vancouver really has been the leader of all things Web 2.0 in Canada for a long time, so it makes good sense to me that they have been hostings Canada’s Web 2.0 conference for 3 years now (longer than there has been a “Web 2.0”.)