When everyone has their pants down, nobody has pants.

Amanda Marcotte has left the John Edwards campaign staff.

She had, before being an Edwards blogger, been critical of the Catholic Church’s stance on birth control. Essentially, she had a private opinion on the matter and she made the mistake of blogging that.

So, as soon as she began blogging for the Edwards campaign, people started digging on her. In this case, it was a group of Catholic enforcers. I am sure they were as giddy as school boys when they typed “Amanda Marcottee abortion” into google (or, more likely, they printed off every one of her blog posts). When her anti-abortion (or is it… “pro choice”) post came up I am sure a loud BINGO was heard through the cubicles.

They had caught Amanda with her pants down. Butt cheeks in the crosshairs.

Luckily, that’s not where the story ends. You see, one of the first mistakes a person makes when they walk into a room where nobody has pants on is that they always think that they can see all the fun stuff, but also keep their own pants on.

The sheer volume of people with no pants has grown to such a level that a sort of de-pantsing tractor beam has been created. All pants get taken off eventually.

So, as a bit of advice to people like our Catholic League friends, and to everyone involved in this upcoming presidential campaign: don’t get too excited when a nice young girl has nothing to hide — your turn is coming, and the dirtier you play now, the harder your pants are going to come off in the end.

So, the invitation is, to all sides: come on in, enjoy a blog-tea, or a blogtini, have a seat and take your pants off. It’s not a party you’ll want to miss.

The separation here isn’t between Conservative and Liberal, or Catholic and Secularist, not at all. The difference here is between people who understand that the changes we are seeing will demand the same transparency of them that they are demanding of others so early on.

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