Cable Company as Internet Company

I was talking to a friend last night who mentioned that he had downloaded a movie via Bittorrent this week, and received an email from the copyright holder (movie studio) with a sort of “don’t let us catch you again” — the email was sent via his internet provider, Rogers.

Now, if you are like me, and you don’t check your Rogers email account (have never logged in to it ever), you would run a significant risk of having several notices sent to you, but you would never get them. In theory, I would think you could really get on their radar for lawsuits, etc.

The lesson? Something we all know: Bittorrent is among the least private forms of data transfer possible. You will get caught, and there is nothing you can do. These movie studios have their head too far up their ass to realize that most of these “offenders” would love to pay for these movies if it could be done in some reasonable way. Until then: Up the creek, no paddle.

2 thoughts on “Cable Company as Internet Company

  1. But if you are using someone else’s open wifi network…

    Still, pretty neat Rodgers is generating these emails. I suspect it is not a favor to the studios & labels, but scare tactic to decrease bandwidth sucked up by bit torrent.

  2. Jonas makes a good point: this is yet another reason for people to secure their WiFi networks. Even if an “it wasn’t me” defence is successful, there could be unpleasant legal processes in store for some unsophisticated WiFi users.

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