Laurel and I have been in Cairo for 3 days and it’s been great.
It’s not the kind of city you can just spend 3 days in, it would take weeks to really see what Cairo has to offer.

Today we went to see the pyramids. We used one of the drivers from our hotel, which was overpriced (by a long shot) but fun. I think we were the only people who had a guy in a black suit and sunglasses escorting us around, and were certainly the only ones who’s guide was buying off guards to get us in to places that say “do not enter”.

Tomorrow we are heading south to Soma Bay to stay for a few days. We will be taking a much more laid-back approach at the resort and we’ll be glad to have some time each day to keeping up on work, etc.

One thought on “Cairo

  1. Isn’t the sun much nicer on this side of the Atlantic?

    Southern Spain has been great so far – look forward to hearing about your trip

    (don’t forget… you have a visitor April 19th 😉


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