Wink Wink, So What? has reinvented itself as a social-network people finder. Wink began as a social search service that tried to help people with similar search interests to connect to eachother and share various searches. The problem seemed to be that people really don’t care that much about what other people are searching about.

The success of sites like StumbledUpon and Delicious tell me that people are more interested in what other people have found, rather than what they are looking for.

So far, the people search is more or less useless. It returns no results for most people I have tried. Will Pate returns a bunch of girls, Zsa Zsa Gabor returns a fuller set of results, but I still can’t figure out why I care that Zsa Zsa is a cat, age 20, who lives in New York.

You have to wonder what that board meeting sounded like. Effectively, Wink is an entierly new project now, with new goals, a new direction, just with the same language.

We used to be worrying about the Now What? problem, sites like Wink take me in to distinct So What? territory.