Rob on Twitter

Rob’s post on Twitter is probably the best yet of all that I have read.

Rob constantly reminds us about the core of what we do: Human Relationships.

When you read that you probably think “well, that’s obvious”, but it isn’t. For well over 5 years (that I have known him) Rob has been leading the charge in trying to understand the nature of the relationships we form through blogging, IM and now Twitter, and he’s got Twitter by the tail this time.

Nobody I know is as capable of deconstructing an organization, or social group, and seeing it’s parts as Rob is. He loves to think of the world in terms of patterns, and it is a way of thinking that has become gospel for me. Reading A Pattern Language completely altered how I perceive things.

Where is Twitter taking us? Many call it a waste of time, many still call instant messaging a waste of time, but I am pretty sure there is a pony in there somewhere. Not since I first fired up ICQ in the late 90s have I felt such a “I’ve gotta tell people about this” feeling.

It may be nothing, but it sure as hell may be something.