The Next Big Thing

UFit is a completely new kind of fitness company.

If you know the owners, Gord and Eireann, at all, you know that they really don’t care about profits and are not driven by ego. Gord and Eireann really just care about helping people get healthy. I know this for real, because I worked with them for a short period of time on the UFit business, and I couldn’t even convince them to raise their rates! Oh well, my experience is that Gord and Eireann usually make the best decision for their business.

Rob is now helping out and they are on the verge of a breakthrough. UFit is a real life community that is slowly moving online, and once they are really online, they are going to grow faster than ever.

One thought on “The Next Big Thing

  1. Thank you Jevon…you’re very kind. Since I spotted you on the street in Charlottetown, you have no excuse but to visit us at UFIT while you’re in town!

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