Mozy Along

Mozy is not a poweruser’s backup solution, but it fits my needs perfectly.

I have been looking for a simple, unobtrusive and rock-solid backup utility. The key features for me are that I can select individual directories and files to backup, and the restore utility is web-based, so if my computer dies completely, it will be easy to get back up and running.

The other feature I like is that Mozy does all of the backup via the internet, and you get 4gb of storage for free (which is all I need). This keeps me from having to manage backup DVDs as I had been doing before, and I don’t really like the idea of an external drive much better.

(disclosure: the links to the Mozy site include my referrer ID, which will give me additional backup space if you sign up — I have no other affiliation with them, other than that I am a user)

One thought on “Mozy Along

  1. How did you get the 4 gigs for free? It’s 2 now. Sigh. Suits my needs for now, but I guess I need to get my referrer butt in motion.

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