At E20Conference: Andrew McAfee

Andrew is going to give Enterprise 2.0 a grade, just like he gives his students at school.

He says “Grade A”. “Remarkable Progress” and a growing awareness of Social Software.

Andrew’s Meme’s of Enterprise 2.0 are:

  • * Network Effects
  • * Freeform Authoring
  • * Emergence

Lots of rehashing the core Enterprise Social Computing ideas. Covering Wikipedia, with references to SocialText.

Andrew is now giving a grade for the technology side of Enterprise 2.0. Grade A-. “Excellent Progress”.

Perhaps this is more of that famous Harvard grade inflation?

He points to startups as a source of great technology, but is also giving the incumbents a lot of thanks and respect.

The biggest problem is that new tools need to be 9X better than email. “when you are proposing a replacement, we tend to overweight the relative advantages of the incumbent technology by a factor of 3. We tend to underweight the new technology by another factor of 3”

Communicating Results
Andrew says “I give it a C”. We aren’t communicating results well enough. We all have a store of case studies, but aren’t getting them out there. One of the dangers we fall in to is to keep referencing the same case studies over and over again.

“Spotty progress”

Andrew sees a lot of case studies, and he’s never seen an ROI claimed to be less than 100%.

Proposal from Andrew: We need an Enterprise 2.0 Repository for Enterprise 2.0 Efforts.

  • * Disclosure is key
  • * Vendors can participate
  • * Have some ground rules

Andrew is now recapping the last year. He says he has learned a lot. He used to think that people who made friends online were “pathetic”, but he doesn’t think that anymore. He used to think that blogs were for teenager’s diaries. He’s learned all this in the last year.

“Enterprise 2.0 is not going to radically change organizations in the 5 years. That is way to optimistic.”

Interesting. Andrew really showed his young age in all this, having not participated in the blogosphere in a real way until late in the game. Could that have an effect on his lack of optimism for the progress that Enterprise 2.0 can make? Or is Andrew just more realistic than those of us who have already been at this for 5 years?

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