e20conference: Launchpad

Collanos is a peer-to-peer (on the infrastructure side) “collaborative workspace”. Project orientated. Stowe says “I’m not sure the world needs another groove. You will have the same problems they had.”

Collanos has voice/phone integration. Stowe says “you are still maintaining the old, top-down, group-orientated model, and the world is actually a lot messier than that”.

Next up is Clarizen. “on-demand collaborative project management for your business” that “helps companies systematically achieve project success”.

The guy next to me says to his friend “this is the same presentation he gave in ’97. That’s an entire decade”

What’s different about Clarizen? They say that “Real Adoption, Real Teamwork and Real Knowledge.”

Clarizen uses a 3-pane view for their application, which is windows based.

He is saying “drive adoption through participation”. The computer in my mind says “circular construct detected”.

Stowe says “isn’t clarizen the stuff I use in my eyes”. “This is similar to eRoom. This isn’t a tremendously new idea. You have checklists, task lists, document sharing. It’s not bad,. but it’s not too good”.

The other judge says “this is 1.5, not 2.0”

Now LiquidTalk is up. Dave Peak, the CEO is presenting. This guy has some more energy. “I am not ashamed about my blackberry”. “we are out of time, out of the office, and we have too little time to get things done.”

“Mobile Knowledge for Mobile Workers”. It takes all sorts of content that you create. Voice, text, etc. And lets you get it anywhere. On your Blackberry or anywhere. “iTunes for business”.

Stowe: “I see this as a plugin for Salesforce.com or something.”

The last company is now up KnowNow. “Live information management application for today’s enterprise”.

“We’ve found that Sharepoint in particular has caused a lot of problems.” “Search is not the answer”. “Knownow wants to get rid of the search button — we want to eliminate search”. They do this through “constant monitoring” of data sources.

Stowe: “I like your message, your technology seems to work,. but there are like 900,000 other people picking away at you.”

and that’s it for LaunchPad at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston. Voting is next.

They put “Sanjaya” as an option to vote as a joke, but now everyone seems to be voting for Sanjaya.

KnowNow is pulling ahead now though.