The best thing about this KRZR

The best thing about my KRZR (besides the fantastic camera) is the fact that people can’t help but ask about it when they see it, and I love to tell them about it.

Also, using Bluetooth to push pictures from the KRZR to my mac is so easy and fast it’s amazing. I wouldn’t want to bother sending pictures back to my MacBook Pro any other way.

3 thoughts on “The best thing about this KRZR

  1. But… if I had one, I’d be nervous about people asking me about the awesome device I was packing. In meatspace, how do you identify something called “MOTOKRZR” without texting it?

    Q: “What’s that?”
    A1: “Kay Arr Zed Arr”
    A2: “Kay Arr Zee Arr” (if south of the border)
    A3: “Kraizer”
    A4: “Krizzer”
    A5: “Cruiser”
    A6: “Momocruiser?”
    A7: “The Robocrisper”

    How am I supposed to Google that?

    Cynicism aside, nice phone! I want one. 🙂

  2. I am curious about your phone, next time I see you we’ll have to tell me about it too. I’ve been using a Motorola Ming since February. I love its radio but had hoped for more from the camera.

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