Culture and Technology Panel at Office 2.0

I will be moderating a panel on Culture and Technology at the Office 2.0 conference this week.

Here is how I plan to start off the panel.

Culture and Technology
The impact of technology on our culture has been felt many times before, the examination of this topic is not new ground, but instead, some of the parameters have changed.

Most of us have been steeped in a culture which has assimilated the printing press, the telephone and now the internet and the cellphone.

Our western society is mobile: we travel around the world in hours and in comfort. We live, if we choose, in skyscrapers in cities of millions. We drink clean water and eat cheap food.

It seems that we have the basics taken care of. Easy communication, transportation, food, water, secure housing.

We in the Western world are spoiled it seems, and now we are moving on. Technology seems to give us fewer and fewer obvious breakthroughs. The year 2000 has come and gone and we are not flying around in personal jets or hovercrafts. We are, instead, still driving our combustion engine cars, and we are still eating entire meals, not simply swallowing a roast-beef dinner that has been compressed in to a capsule.

We are, however, doing something drastically different. Technology, if we can call her that, has thrown us a new curveball. We are now explicitly, immediately and forever networked in ways we did not imagine.

What began for most of us in the late 90s as a curiosity is now the status quo for a large portion of the world’s population.

Friendster made it human, Flickr helped us share through it, Linked-In made it acceptable in the office and now Facebook has used it to connect all of those pieces together.

Social Software, Social Networking, Social Computing, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, and on and on and on.

A culture of openness, connectedness and immediacy has been jump-started by a simple button we call “Add Friend”, in our panel at Office 2.0, we will explore the impact of this change and what is coming, such as alternate worlds and how mobile devices are changing the parameters even more. We will explore these cultural and technological changes and their affect on the Enterprise, the culture of the workplace and the idea of the Corporate Hierarchy.

4 thoughts on “Culture and Technology Panel at Office 2.0

  1. Sounds good!

    My favourite parts are the roast beef pill and the allusion to the fabled, oft-promised floatercycle. I would trade Facebook for either one of those in a second.

  2. Jevon, sounds fascinating. I think it would be really interesting if your panel explored web 2.0 for corporate social responsibility. I think it can be great for more direct, quick, cheap and transparent engagement. Concerned citizens have more access / companies see the real issues — this is good for all concerned but not without it’s challenges.

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