Hello Davos (no, I do not have an invitation)

The theme of this year’s annual meeting in Davos is The Power of Collaborative Innovation.

From the website:

A “shifting power equation” was the framework in which the global agenda was discussed in Davos at the beginning of 2007. As we look towards 2008, this shift will continue to influence the strategies of business, government and other stakeholders in the world economy.

But closer examination of the international environment also reveals that leadership vacuums are beginning to emerge on a wide range of critical issues looming on the horizon. Moreover, a paradox has emerged in our networked world where knowledge is ubiquitous and change is rapid, but the absence of a common vision and agenda ensures that the status quo will be maintained with respect to major global challenges.

The topic which will be discussed in the light of The Power of Collaboration are

  1. Business Competing While Collaborating
  2. Economics and Finance Addressing Economic Insecurity
  3. Geopolitics Aligning Interests across Divides
  4. Science and Technology Exploring Nature’s New Frontiers
  5. Values and Society Understanding Future Shifts

My favorite conversations these days are less about how we can collaborate, and more about what the results might be. I feel like we have spent a lot of time building tools, pondering strategy, worrying about roadblocks, that we sometimes loose sight of the more serious global result we could see. It’s not about be prescriptive, but about dreaming a little bit.

If I were at Davos, I would be focused on the Values and Society and the Geopolitics tracks, I would spend the least time talking about Business.

For those lucky enough to get to attend, and who have been clued in to the changes that have taken place so far, I hope this is a chance to show some pretty powerful people that we don’t have to have all the answers to the world’s problems, we really have to let the answers come to us.

Who will be invited? Its anyone’s guess.

I’ll bet on Ori Brafman, Andrew McAfee, and Don Tapscott. There are a handful of people who I really think /should/ be there, but most likely won’t be.

Hat tip to Susan

One thought on “Hello Davos (no, I do not have an invitation)

  1. Jevon, I couldn’t agree more with you – the conversation needs to shift from how to collaborate to what the results maybe. too often, we get stuck in the world of how to do something and downplay the innovation process and the results too. Have you visited Ted.com? Some awesome ideas and results can be seen there. I’ve talked about Spore for example, on my blog.

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