Things I do not accept: Self Censorship

The CBC here in Canada appears to be pretty malleable. An official from the Chinese embassy here in Canada was able to, with a single phone call, censor a documentary from the air.

You can’t blame China on this one really. The Chinese government does not pretend to offer religious freedom to the Chinese people, so it is probably to be expected that they do not like documentaries about any sort of non-state religions that take root in China.

The CBC however, exists in a country where, and is given its mandate by people who believe that, religious freedom is an inalienable human right. You don’t just throw a documentary in the trash because you get a phone call, from another country.

I hope this issue doesn’t die. The National Post published it on page 11 or 12 today, it wasn’t a priority for them

““I was actually contacted myself by a gentleman who is a cultural consultant with the Chinese embassy,” Mr. Keay said. “He was very polite.” CBC will run a new version of the documentary “sooner rather than later,” the spokesman added, but couldn’t say precisely when.

The Canadian director of Beyond The Red Wall says he has no intention of re-editing a piece that he spent three years working on. “We have to quote-unquote give balance,” veteran filmmaker Peter Rowe said in an interview. “… I’ve never experienced anything like these kinds of demands.”