Congrats John

John Robb, who I am lucky enough to get to work with on a few different projects, has been named one of Esquire Magazine’s Best and Brightest people in 2007.

John Robb’s “Global Guerrillas” of the twenty-first century don’t aspire to defeat our militaries nor topple our governments, but merely to bankrupt both, hollowing out the West’s institutions to the point where Osama bin Laden’s vision of the future — that is, his feudal order — carries the day. Global guerrillas are cheap and plentiful. By contrast, we field the few, the proud, and the incredibly expensive.

They change battlefield tactics daily, our lumbering Leviathan develops new military doctrine every decade or so.

We wrap our effort in great secrecy, but they wage open-source warfare, swapping their tradecraft over the Web.

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