The Dangers of One Size Fits all

I got very little negative feedback on my post about the state of the “market for Enterprise 2.0 tools other than from a few marketers who were understandably perturbed.

It occurs to me that the biggest danger for customers is being sold on the “One Size Fits All” approach to software. If a social computing tool is effective in an organization, then it is going to create a lot of change and disruption on that company. If you can’t continually change and hone the tools of change, then eventually the change will stop. The tools can be software, but they can be a policy, a social norm or something else.

Whether it is a Knowledge Market, a voting tool (for ideas, or anything else), a blogging or collaboration tool, or others, then it has to stand on its own merits. Pre-packaged tools offer very little of that flexibility.

One thought on “The Dangers of One Size Fits all

  1. Been having some discussions recently with some of the largest software purchasers in the world. They are moving away from license costs, and towards consulting and customization costs.

    So, my anecdotal experience seems to indicate that you are correct.

    At the same time, I’m seeing more and more pre-packaged tools evolve to include customization options. And high levels of customization — data objects, workflows, UI, etc. Although these tend to need consulting to aid the client in that customization, even if there is no “code” development required.

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