Enterprise 2.0 Conference Boston, See you there?

I am going to be at the Enterprise 2.0 conference again this year. For the most part I will be just hanging out, chatting in the halls and looking for new and interesting things.

This year I will be moderating a panel on Enterprise 2.0 platforms. The panel is stacked with some fantastic people and we are going to be talking about something that is becoming more and more important: the decision to roll your own platform or go with a vendor (big or small) when deciding to deploy Enterprise 2.0 tools.

Social computing platforms integrate enterprise 2.0 capabilities into a single platform (blogs, wikis, RSS, etc.) Three basic choices are available to the SMB and large enterprise. The first is to choose an established large enterprise application vendor’s solution (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle); the second is to choose a startup’s offering (Jive/Clearspace, Thoughtfarmer) and the third is to “roll your own” or build a customized application that provides all the functionality you’re looking for based on components available from the open source community.

Each of the panelists has a vested interest and a point to make, so it is my job to keep them on topic and to give the audience as much value as possible.

Are there any particular points I should make? Any question would would like me to put to the panel? Leave a comment or drop me an email.

4 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 Conference Boston, See you there?

  1. Hey, nice theme! I like the new you.

    On the e2.0 panel, another important alternative on your panel is the “roll your own” option where customers are building their own social networks/collaboration tools themselves. I see this cropping up more and more in the largest enterprises.

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