Circles of 2.0

Susan and I have been working on articulating how the different worlds of “2.0” fit together, or don’t, from the point of view of the enterprise.

All the credit really goes to Susan on this one.

We aren’t claiming that this is complete, or even correct as it is, but we think we are getting close. There is a lot of confusion out there about what is Enterprise 2.0, what is Social Media Marketing, what is Collaboration and what is just marketing.

I can’t tell you how often people mix a few together in a conversation, and next time I will have a better framework to explain some of the differences.


The biggest reason to break out the different components of 2.0 for business is that each has a distinct value that it delivers to the business.

When we mix these pieces, we obscure the value that we are seeking, and that makes it harder to measure results, define projects and to sell the idea in to the organization properly.

I will be writing a small series of posts exploring each aspect of the cornucopia over at the FastForwardBlog. Tune in.

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