The Age of Spiritual Machines

In the year 2009 . . . “The United States continues to be the world’s dominant military power, which is largely accepted by the rest of the world, as most countries concentrate on economic competition.

Military conflicts between nations are rare, and most conflicts are between nations and smaller bands of terrorists.”

Ray Kurzweil wrote that in 1999, two years before September 11th and at a time when terrorism was not on the world’s radar the way it is today.

I’m not sure what it means, but the nature of so many of our systems is changing so rapidly, I am not sure what to depend on anymore.

Old models of warfare are truly broken, old models of communication are gone, media and music distribution has been gutted and left as a shadow of itself, and now we are seeing the destruction of our corporate model. I am not some poor soul hanging on to an old model, I am at the sharp end and moving forward, but so much of what I depend on is rooted in the old model, I hope it can hold on just long enough.

If a model fails at its large scale, is it worth saving on a smaller scale? If GM fails, is it a commentary on the very nature of how we do business? Most will argue no, because we have to, but the question can’t really be answered can it?

We often see things in the context that suits us best. We look at problems in ways that address our own problems, and we frame accomplishment in the light of our own needs. More than ever though, we need to step back and evaluate the the foundations of this house we put so much faith in. Is the floor rotting out from under us, or is there just a draft we need to cover up?

It is a task of biblical proportions (in the most literal sense) and I wonder if we are up to it. The one thing I am sure of however, is that no matter how many times we paint the siding, it’s still the same damn house.

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