The Uncertain Future of Blogging

I posted my thoughts on the future of blogging earlier today on the FastForwardBlog: The Uncertain Future of Blogging,  and it has sparked a lot of discussion.

One interesting thing is that a lot of people read what I am saying as my saying that blogs are dying, but it is not at all what I meant to say.

One thought on “The Uncertain Future of Blogging

  1. If one were to submit a topic discussing the Uncertain Future of this blog’s scribe most readers would assume a fairly gloomy discussion is on tap.

    Also, perhaps Uncertain was not the appropriate word since most bloggers these days appear to be sweating and cringing under the invisible weight of a nonexistent boot called Twitter.

    And, you do mention the word ‘survive’ in the third paragraph.

    I am a huge fan of blogs and always will be. I will take a blog over a Twitter any day of the damn week.

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