Am I going to post on this thing?

Kate and I were lamenting last week that we just haven’t had the umpf lately to post something worthwhile. When we aren’t putting our creative thought in to our work, we are stuck on Twitter, Facebook and wherever else we can spend attention like the generous folks we seem to be.

Kate and I are always trying to post big posts. Sort of “put me in coach, I can hit this out of the park” stuff. Kate gets there on every post, but she puts a lot of energy in to each one. I keep swinging for the fences as well, but I have to say that Kate and I are in different leagues in terms of insight.

People like Howard post stuff regularly whether or not they’ve got something big to say. Howard knows that a few thoughts written down are much better than a brilliant insight locked up inside his head. So he lets it out, and usually it is as good as something he sat around all day thinking about. I know Howard well enough to know that he goes on instinct most of the time and that shows up in his blogging. He knows when something is worth saying.

Then there are guys like Fred Wilson, who seem to have something great to post every single day. Honestly, there are days I don’t want to read his posts because I know he is going to throw off my concentration for a while.

There are also story tellers like Rob and Peter. I don’t even know Peter really, but I love his writing style and I am pretty sure he could persuade me of anything. Rob’s posts are much more epic and illustrative of a specific point. I don’t always know what the actual point is at the time, but then I will find myself in a situation where I will remember the story Rob told in a post and I will think how it applies. Reading Rob’s blog is a LOT like being his friend, you get the same Rob on both mediums.

I used to post with a much more conversational style. A lot of my posting was actually emulating the style Dave Winer used to use back then. I had my blog hooked up to an outliner as well and it was a beautiful thing. It was very similar to Tumblr blogs today.

Then tonight, Peter goes and posts some thoughts on what he thinks has changed about blogging. They are all good points and they all resonate.

The biggest point is the first one, and I think it is more of a general “life lesson” than simple blog advice. “Once momentum is lost, it’s a lot easier for the blog to remain at rest.”

Pete also mentions that a lot of the people he first started reading just aren’t posting as much these days. That really hit home for me when we did our “Thanks” post on American Thanksgiving and I couldn’t find current blogs for many of those who influenced me the most.

I have written about this before. I don’t really think that blogging is dying, I just think that certain types of bloggers have varying life expectancies. If you want longevity you need to learn to pace things properly and keep your networks changing so that as your other blogger-buddies lose steam, you can make new connections that matter.

2 thoughts on “Am I going to post on this thing?

  1. Jevon,

    I think good blogs are still extremely valuable and good bloggers have either gone on one of two directions. A. They blog for a living B. Their blog has helped them some other way in their career and now that monitization demands far more attention. And of course C, people have even less attention and there is more competition etc. But most of us just have less time to write and consume, which means mediocre blogs will not be read and mediocre bloggers will have even less time.

    Anyway, my two cents.

    Hope all is well. Pass my hellos to the team. And Merry Christmas, happy holidays New Year and Festivus! 🙂

  2. Well that was a blog worth reading Jevon

    I get inspiration from Twitter, Yammer, blogs, and pretty much everything. I once started bookmarking blogs worth reading, but ended up with over 200 bookmarks in the first week – left that path fairly quickly…

    Currently writing a blog post myself, ye olde EOY prediction one. Was looking for a topic for more than a week, then it just happened. That’s how it works for me: pure inspiration. I might write 7 blogs in 3 weeks, or 1 in a month ( Then again I’m fairly new at this!

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