Dachis Group acquires XPlane

Today we announced the acquisition of XPlane. This is on the heels of our recent Hinchcliffe and Company and 2.0 Adoption Council acquisitions.

Joining forces with XPlane’s is an important step in developing our complete set of Social Business Design capabilities. XPlane’s skills and services fit directly in to a set of needs that we have seen emerge in our customer engagements.

Xplane’s process design and change management capabilities will be key parts of implementing real change in social business. How do processes look today? How do they need to change and how do we communicate and enable that change?

I feel more proud than ever of our team and all the hard work that has gone in to building this company to where it stands today. With this latest acquisition we have grown from 4 employees when I joined to over 100 today. The truth is that we feel like we are just getting our momentum and there is much yet to come.

More thoughts from Lee Bryant, Peter Kim and Dave Gray.

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