5 thoughts on “Perhaps I am getting a bit older and a bit more grumpy. . .

  1. Not really. I hear what you are saying, but I find Twitter in particular helps gradually widen and refine my wider network of weak ties, which is useful but perhaps not the deeper relationship type you mention above. Blogging is still better for cultivating deeper relationships because of the commitment and time investment required to bot write, read and comment, and I find that relationships based on blogging have much greater longevity and I tend to feel closer to those people than, say, Twitter followers.

    But really there is no substitute for lunch 😉

  2. I kind of agree with both of you. I don’t really make any new or deeper relationships via twitter or facebook, I already know most people I follow. It does help me keep loosely in touch with people that I would probably otherwise lose contact with though. But I find twitter generally too noisy, with too much inane “information”. RSS / Blogs are still where I get most of my quality information and knowledge but I engage less with blogs generally than with people on twitter.

    +1 for lunch 😉

  3. I keep my FB gang tight – no people who I don’t know – my only exception is that I have expanded my PEI group so that I know more about where I live – same for Twitter and I use lists to go deeper into place or issue

    But Blogging is still best – both the writer and reader have to make more effort and as Lee says

    The Rage? A huge problem that is ripping the polity apart – I had hoped that the web would bring us closer but I fear that it is making us more emotional and tribal

    Lunch is best

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