The age of the intimate web

I spent most of the evening hanging out on tonight. It makes the music sharing experience incredibly intimate.

Then I started staring at Facebook. I can’t shake the sense that there is so much presence on the site, it is obvious that people are there, but there is no intimacy. We come to Facebook today to transact in information. We do not share, instead we distribute.

Intimacy on the web means that we are aware of the presence of others with us at that place and time and that we can benefit from that real-time presence in a unique way.

Our lives are so slowly becoming digital. The transition is one that takes decades, not years. The thing I hadn’t realized until recently was that I was mistaking the cataloging of my life online for the living of it.

It’s the leap that World of Warcraft made in gaming and I’m positive that it is coming to the web sometime very soon.

One thought on “The age of the intimate web

  1. Great post. I had never really considered the difference between “presence” and “intimacy” in relation to the social Web, but thinking about it I see a huge difference between interaction on and Facebook.

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