I am done whining about mobile service

I have to say, for all the moaning and complaining that we do here in Canada about our abnormally high cell data/voice rates (and the complaints about our lack of any sort of “unlimited” option), I can’t imagine what most Canadians would think if we had to live on a network as bad as AT&T or T-Mobile. The networks in Canada are rock solid and the idea that a provider might claim to work in a certain area, but then have things like call drops and poor throughput is unheard of here. You either have coverage or you don’t. When you do have coverage it is solid. There are always exceptions of course, but as a general rule a provider will never say “yes, we service your city” if their coverage in that area is not excellent.

At this point, and after having spent much of the last year in the US experiencing AT&Ts service, I am happy to pay ~10$ or ~20$ more a month to get rock solid service, whether it is from Bell, Telus or Rogers. (New entrants left out for obvious reasons) The hyper-competitive environment in the US seems to have led to a lower overall QoS. Perhaps that is what the market wants and demands there, but I am happy to have some choice here.

Dachis Group acquires XPlane

Today we announced the acquisition of XPlane. This is on the heels of our recent Hinchcliffe and Company and 2.0 Adoption Council acquisitions.

Joining forces with XPlane’s is an important step in developing our complete set of Social Business Design capabilities. XPlane’s skills and services fit directly in to a set of needs that we have seen emerge in our customer engagements.

Xplane’s process design and change management capabilities will be key parts of implementing real change in social business. How do processes look today? How do they need to change and how do we communicate and enable that change?

I feel more proud than ever of our team and all the hard work that has gone in to building this company to where it stands today. With this latest acquisition we have grown from 4 employees when I joined to over 100 today. The truth is that we feel like we are just getting our momentum and there is much yet to come.

More thoughts from Lee Bryant, Peter Kim and Dave Gray.

Hinchcliffe & Company Is Acquired By The Dachis Group

The news is finally out that Dion Hinchcliffe will be joining the Dachis Group team.

Dion is someone I have wanted to work with for a long time. The depth and volume of insight and quality thinking that he has delivered over the years has been astonishing. Dion has also played a key role in the advancement of Enterprise 2.0 thinking. His blogs are a trove of IT oriented strategy and guidance.

I am excited to help welcome Hinchcliffe & Co to the team and we are all looking forward to bringing their capabilities to bear with our existing and new clients.